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          Zhuji Yilai Machinery CO.,LTD. is located in the beautiful hometown of Xishi----Zhuji city, which specializes in producing computer embroidery machine parts.

          The company has imported all kinds of advanced equipment at home and abroad, and has many profe ssional and technical personnel. The main products are .9-20 needle screw color change box, screw trimmer box, servo transmission box, connected upper and lower support seat, intermediate shaft servo drive system System, tensioner, all kinds of servo motor seat, spindle synchronous pulley, servo pulley, step adjustment seat, chassis, bushing, etc.

          The enterprise is quality-based, market-oriented, takes the satisfaction of customers as a criterion, is equipped with all types if high precision famous brand machine tools, and manufactures products with high standard, strict requirement and standardization, and produces all types of spare parts tailored with the customer’s demand.

          Yilai Mechanics is your ideal choice. Welcome you to come again and again, and build the great career together with us!

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